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Sterling Silver and Kingman Turquoise Handmade Small Cuff Bracelet

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This small cuff bracelet features a Kingman Turquoise oval cabochon. The beautiful blue stone contains slight copper webbing for visual interest.  The stone is set in sterling silver with a bezel of fine silver gallery wire.  Rope trim surrounds the stone for embellishment.

Kingman Turquoise comes from the Kingman Mine, a large open pit, located in northwest Arizona.  Kingman Turquoise is prized for it's large nuggets and eye-catching color range from a dark sea blue to an electrifying white blue.


Product Details:

  • Cabochon: Kingman Turquoise
  • Bracelet Setting: Sterling Silver
  • Cuff Size: Medium (fits size 6.5" - 7.0")  
  • Finish: Oxidized
  • Finished Cuff Circumference:  5.5"
  • Cuff Gap:  1"
  • Finished Bracelet Height:  1"
  • Finished Bracelet Width:  3/4"


Fabrication and Shipping

This bracelet is handmade and one-of-a-kind, available for immediate shipping.

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