Jewelry Sizing

Ring Sizing

  1.  Cut a piece of (non-stretchy) string or twine, or a thin strip of paper at   least 4 inches long
  2.  Wrap it snug, but not tight around your ring finger
  3.  Using a pen or pencil, mark where the ends overlap
  4.  Lay it flat and use a ruler with millimeters to measure the length in   millimeters
  5.  Use the chart below to find your ring size
      Ring Size                  Your measurement (in millimeters)
              3                                                          47.5 mm
              4                                                          49.0 mm
              5                                                          51.0 mm
              6                                                          53.5 mm
              7                                                          56.0 mm
              8                                                          58.5 mm
              9                                                          61.0 mm
              10                                                        63.5 mm
              11                                                        66.0 mm
              12                                                        68.5 mm
              13                                                        71.0 mm
              14                                                        74.0 mm




Cuff Bracelet Sizing

Size                            Cuff Size                  Opening                     Wrist Size     

X Small                        4.75”                      .50” – 1.25”                  5.25” – 6.0”

Small                            5.25”                     .75” – 1.25”                   6.0” – 6.50”

Medium                        5.75”                     .75” – 1.50”                   6.50” – 7.25”

Large                            6.25”                     1.0” – 1.75”                   7.25” – 8.0”

Extra Large                  7.0”                       1.0” – 2.0”                     8.0” – 9.0”


For cuff bracelet sizing, measure your wrist just under your outer wrist bone with a piece of thread or twine and mark where they meet. Compare your measurement to the Wrist Size measurement above for your size.


Should you need a size different than those listed above, please contact me through the Contact page before ordering, as custom sizes can be made.




Bangle Bracelet Sizing

Size                            Inside Diameter                              Circumference

X Small                                  2.25”                                                   7 1/16"

Small                                      2.38”                                                   7 1/2”

Medium                                 2.5”                                                      7 7/8"

Large                                     2.75”                                                    8 1/4"


For bangle bracelet sizing, use a measuring tape or piece of string or twine and use the following steps: 

- Place your thumb to your pinky finger so they are touching

- Wrap the thread, or twine around the widest part of your hand(right above the knuckle at the base of your thumb around the back of your hand and over your hand knuckles)

- Mark the spot where the thread, or twine meets(you may need assistance in this measurement)

Place the thread, or twine on a ruler or measuring tape and use the chart above for Circumference measurement to note your size.  Order accordingly. 


Take a bangle you already own, place it on a ruler or measuring tape and measure the diameter, compare to the chart above for Diameter measurement and order accordingly.


Should you need any size different than those listed above, please contact me through the Contact page before ordering, as custom sizes can be made.