Jewelry Care

Silver jewelry, when exposed to air is susceptible to tarnish, a blackish discoloration caused by the copper within the silver.  The copper reacts to moisture in the air which causes the discoloration.  To prevent tarnish, silver jewelry should be stored in either a felt-lined jewelry box or in a plastic bag with an anti-tarnish tab to maintain the high luster.

All purchases from Nancy's Designs come with a Sunshine Polishing Cloth and plastic bag that includes an anti-tarnish tab.  To help maintain the original luster of your purchase, please use the polishing cloth periodically and store your purchase away from air, either in your jewelry box or within the plastic bag with anti-tarnish tab.

Also, please do not bathe, swim, or use a hot tub with your silver jewelry, as soaps and chemicals may discolor the silver as well. Pool and hot tub chemicals can tarnish silver permanently.